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Admitted to practice in all Colorado courts, United States Supreme Court,
Tenth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, and Colorado Federal District Court

Member of Colorado Bar Association and El Paso County Bar Association

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I have been providing high quality legal work for each client since 1974. I limit the number of cases I have ongoing at any one time so I can give every client my personal attention and do my best work on every case. If I’m too busy to take on a new client, I say so.

I practice primarily in real estate and nonprofit organization law. (For a more detailed list, please go to the Areas of Practice page.) I also file suit when negotiations or mediation don’t get the results we need. Going to court can be fun for me but it is expensive and stressful for my clients, so I try to stay out of court and I advise against filing suit unless all other avenues are closed. I also do civil appeals in those cases where the trial court did not get it right. At trial, I am aggressive and thorough.

I understand legal theory, I enjoy the intellectual challenges of the law, and I have a strong academic background. However, I am a practical lawyer who focuses on getting results for my clients. What the law says the result should be is sometimes different from what the costs and risks suggest is reasonable: I fight hard for my clients but I keep a professional view of what my clients can afford and what is possible. I always develop a strategic plan and I make sure that our tactical decisions fit the strategy that my client has chosen. I don’t talk down to my clients and I never tell my clients what to do:

I advise, and my clients decide.

Questions? Concerns? Call or email me. I will respond promptly.

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Colorado Springs Lawyer | Colorado Springs Real Estate Lawyer

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